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  • January 13, 2023
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If you’re anything like us, you probably think of sanitation towels solely for bathroom use. After all, who wants to think about anything else regarding those pesky little chores? But did you know that sanitation towels can be used for various other purposes? This blog post will explore some of the many ways sanitation towels can be used and what you need to do to sell them. From marketing strategies to product specifications, read on to learn more about how you can make sanitation towels an essential part of your business.

What is a Sanitation Towel?

Sanitation towels are generally used to clean up after people. They come in various colors and sizes and can be folded or rolled for storage. They are often sold in bulk and arrest popular at flea market and other events.

The Different Types of Sanitation Towels

Various types of sanitation towels are available on the market today. Below is a description of each type and what it is used for.

Absorbent Towels: These towels are typically used to dry hands or feet after using the bathroom. They are also often used to clean surfaces that have been wetted.

Cloth Napkins: Napkins made from cloth instead of paper are commonly used to eat food. They can also be used as hand towels, facial tissue, or napkins for wiping noses and mouths. 

Disposable Sanitation Towels: Disposable sanitary towels are made from an absorbent material such as cotton or a combination of cotton and rayon. Once used, they must be disposed of properly to avoid spreading germs. These towels can be purchased in bulk or packs of one or several dozen.

How to Sell a Sanitation Towel

If you have an extra sanitation towel, there are a few ways to sell it. You can give it away as a freebie with your next order, offer it as part of a bulk purchase, or set up a sale on your website. 

Include the towel in your next order to give it away as a freebie. This way, customers know that you have some extra towels and can take one home with them. 

Set up a sale on your website for bulk purchases and allow customers to buy multiple towels at once. This way, you can earn more money and get rid of the towels faster than if you were selling them individually. 

And finally, if you don’t want to sell the towel, keep it yourself! It’s always nice to have an extra sanitation towel around when needed.


Selling sanitation towels can be tricky, but it can be an incredibly profitable business with the right approach. By considering the following tips, you can ensure that your sanitation towel sales are successful and meet your needs as a business owner.

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